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  1. Тебе повезло, что меня в онлайн не было ) А то бы насоветовал ))) А так, инди либой кянтдя либой гызы сяня прамой верярляр ))
  2. Ок. Тогда, елси на диске у тебя есть просто следуй инструкциям тут:
  3. В посту выше написано, что можешь получить бесплатно имидж Виндоуз при регистрации с ними. Сначала проделай эти шаги, а потом уже замени шаги по инсталляции Виндоуз на те, что ниже тут. http://download.parallels.com/desktop/v9/ga/docs/pt_BR/Parallels Desktop User's Guide/32731.htm Install Windows If you have a Windows installation source (a DVD disc, an image file, or a USB storage) and a valid Windows product key, you can install Windows on your Mac and use it with Parallels Desktop. To install Windows: Open Parallels Desktop (in the Applications folder) and choose File > New. If you have a Windows installation disc, insert it into the DVD drive. If you have a USB storage with Windows, connect the storage to the Mac. Click Install Windows or another OS from a DVD or image file. Parallels Desktop scans for and lists installable operating systems. If you see the version of Windows you want to install, select it, click Continue and go to step 6. If the Windows installation source didn't show up automatically in Step 4, click Locate manually to browse for it manually. You can browse from the following sources: DVD: If you have a Windows DVD, insert it into the DVD drive. Once Windows is detected, click Continue. If your Mac doesn't have a DVD drive, you can use an Apple SuperDrive, another Mac's DVD drive via Remote Disc, or make an image from the disc. Image File: If you have a Windows image file, click Image File and drag the image to the Parallels Wizard window. Once Windows is detected, click Continue. USB Drive: If you have a bootable USB installer with Windows, click USB Drive and connect the drive to the Mac. Once Windows is detected, click Continue. Note: Parallels Desktop may fail to detect some operating systems (for example, the latest Linux distributions). If this happens but you're sure that the operating system can be installed, click Continue, specify the OS type manually (if it's not listed, choose Other), and follow the onscreen instructions. Be sure to leave Express installation selected. Note: If you deselect Express installation, you'll need to install Parallels Tools after the installation to allow the most seamless operation between Windows and Mac OS X. If you are installing a recent version of Windows, select how you want to use Windows: Like a Mac: Windows programs appear on the Mac desktop, just like Mac applications. Documents and media from Mac OS X and Windows are kept together on your Mac. Like a PC: The Windows desktop and programs appear in a single window, separate from Mac applications. You can drag and drop objects between Windows and the Mac. If you are installing Windows 8, select how you want it to work: Like Windows 8: Windows 8 boots to the Start screen and Windows 8 applications run in full screen only. Like Windows 7: Windows 8 boots to the desktop, Windows 8 applications run in resizable windows, and the Start menu is available. Choose where you want to store Windows from the Location menu. By default, Parallels Desktop stores Windows in your Documents > Parallels folder. To allow all users of your computer to have access to this installation of Windows, select Share with other users of this Mac. If you want to pre-set things like how much memory Windows uses or whether it starts automatically when you open Parallels Desktop, select Customize settings before installation. You can also adjust these settings after the operating system is installed. Click Continue. The assistant installs Windows. Once Windows is installed, you can start it up by opening a Windows program or by clicking the power button in the Parallels Virtual Machines list. Important: The first time you start Windows, Parallels Tools are installed to allow seamless operation between Windows and Mac OS X. Once Parallels Tools are installed, you're prompted to restart Windows. If you didn't select Express installation in step 6 above, you must install Parallels Tools manually. When you install Windows, Parallels Desktop creates an administrator account with a blank password. Once the installation is complete, it is recommended that you change this password. Note: You can also install Windows from a disk image file of an installation disc. Simply choose the disk image file in step 4 above. Parallels Desktop supports ISO, DMG, CUE, and CCD disk images.
  4. Да, надо устанавливать Виндоуз конечно )) http://www.imore.com/how-install-windows-10-mac-without-spending-dime Step 1: Download virtualization software Running virtualization software seems to be the smartest option on the table at present for Microsoft's Windows 10 preview, and both Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion are good options if you have them around. If you don't already have virtual machine software on your Mac, you can download Oracle's VirtualBox. It's a virtualization tool just like Fusion and Parallels, but it has the virtue of being free. There are trial versions of Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion which won't make you pay a fee for a two weeks or one month, respectively, so you're welcome to try those out if you prefer. But if you never want to pay a fee, check out VirtualBox. Step 2: Download Windows 10 After you have virtualization software, you'll need to download an ISO image of the Windows 10 technical preview. The ISO image is, for all intents and purposes, an exact copy of a physical Windows installation disc. You get this image from Microsoft itself by downloading it directly. To get the disc image, you will need to register as part of Microsoft's Windows Insider Program. If you haven't already created a Microsoft account for OneDrive or Xbox Live or the like, you can do this during registration. You can also link the account to an existing email address to make it easier to remember and find later (much like iCloud). Once you're set up and registered, Microsoft links you to a web page to download links; that page includes the product key you need to activate your preview version of Windows 10. Step 3: Create a new virtual machine Launch VirtualBox. Click on the New button. In the Name field, type "Windows 10" or whatever you'd like. Leave Type as Microsoft Windows Click on the Version menu and select Windows 8.1 (64 bit). You should be able to use the default settings for the next several screens, assuming your base goal is to just poke around Windows 10 and see how it works. Create a virtual hard drive; set the file type to VDI; and make the drive dynamically allocated. This will create a virtual machine that will be listed in VirtualBox's Manager. Select it and click the Start button. Step 4: Install Windows 10 Technical Preview When you finish creating your virtual machine, you'll be prompted with the following: "Please select a virtual optical disk file or a physical optical disk to start your new virtual machine from." Click on the folder icon to bring up a file browser which you can use to locate the Windows Technical Preview ISO file you downloaded. Click the Start button. Follow the instructions given by the Windows 10 Technical Preview installer. It will ask you where you want to install Windows; the only option should be a drive with unallocated space corresponding to the virtual hard drive you've just created in VirtualBox. Select it and click Next. The rest of the process is just a step-by-step setup, and that's literally all there is to it. After a virtual machine restart, you should soon be staring at a virtualized desktop of Windows 10, running on your Mac.
  5. Там все будет работать, так как фактически параллельно на компе запускаешь и Виндоуз и выбираешь, какой использовать без ребут. Лучше, чем заводить два лэптопа, конечно, если ресурсы твоего Мака позволяют. http://www.parallels.com/products/desktop/download/ здесь есть 2 недели бесплатная проба, так что можешь протестить ) может за 2 недели и игра надоест ))
  6. Мисир, есть программа для Мак, называется "Параллелз". Установи его и сможешь любой эпп/прогу для виндоуз использовать на Маке. Run Windows on your Mac without rebooting. Use Windows apps like they are native to Mac or PC. Easily convert your existing PC or install a new Windows OS. Optimized for Windows 10 and macOS Sierra. http://www.parallels.com/products/desktop/ Лицензия стоит $80, но уверен, что можно какие-то скидки найти или же как-то иначе достать в Азербайджане.
  7. А почему не связались с Ютюб?
  8. А как определить квалификации? Как проверить портфолио? Как знать, раньше мошенничал или нет? Как знать, если вдруг ЧП и забросит твой проект? Как оплачивать работу? Как делить на этапы? Частник в Азербайджане - это еще больше риск, если наверняка не знаешь человека.
  9. Я тоже запишусь ) Где ликбез проходить, как, что, почему? ))
  10. Да, Мисир, на такие подробные детали и удобность даже не расчитывал )) Действительно, кажется, АСАН - это единственное светлое пятно на фоне всего неправильного в стране. Вот бы и налогооблажение и т.д. им отдали )
  11. @Masail_Muallim, спасибо дорогой ) Во сколько обошлось это в сумме?
  12. Konkret təklif kiçik addımlardan ibarətdir. Xüsusən də yazıya dair. Feysbukda, məsələn, status yazdığda ingiliscə və ya rusca, azərbaycanca da yazın. Vaxt aşırı təkcə öz dilimizdə olan statuslar yazmaq lazımdır, bunların daha aşağı "layk"ları olsa da. Forumumuzda da, yavaş yavaş digər bölümlərdə, bu bölümdən kənarda, azərbaycanca mövzular yaratmaq lazımdır. Əlbəttə ki, bu inqilab yox, evolusiya kimi baş verməlidir.
  13. Bizim çoxumuza digər dillərdə ünsiyyət daha rahat gəlir çox vaxt. Ya da, düşünürük ki, bizi belə daha çox oxuyarlar və ya dinləyərlər. Amma həqiqət belədir ki, bizim millətin belə düşünməyə görə həmişə başımız ağrıyıb. Nizami, Tusi kimi oğullarımıza yiyə çıxa bilmirik, farslar deyir ki, bizimdir, çünki farsca yazıblar. Gəlin doğma dilimizin istifadəsini genişləndirək. Hörmətlə, Elxan
  14. Интересно, какие компании сейчас занимаются этим в Баку (в Азербайджане вообще)? Кто пользовался услугами и каков опыт? Можете делиться названиями, ссылками на сайт и т.д. У меня очень плохой был опыт с ними. Последний раз пользовался лет 5 назад и с тех пор решил воздержаться. Там и невыдерживание сроков, и паршивое качество, и нечистоплотность вообще. Надеюсь, ситуация изменилась к лучшему.
  15. Мой вариант тоже.