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SSSR stamps for sale

It is time to deal with the most expensive postage stamps of the USSR, given that this is one of the most frequently asked questions. For the cut-off point, take the price equivalent to 1000000 rubles and will consider only single stamps and blocks.

So almost all the expensive USSR stamps sales were made at https://russianphilately.com/- online stamp shop who sells Russian related collectible stamps. This is not surprising, given that immigrants from the Soviet Union make a very strong emphasis on placing at its auction of Russian (Soviet) of philatelic material.

So, the ten most expensive postage stamps and blocks of the Soviet period (including the RSFSR) as follows.

Philatelists are the same collectors. And that fans of brands are the most zealous buyers of rarities. Enthusiastic people from early childhood, looking for and collecting stamps, ranging from the common to rare and expensive. At times, in one instance philatelists can pay a fortune. Hobby the harmless, moreover, it can be a good investment. Generally, a postage stamp is a special character that produced the post office to facilitate the collection for sending letters. Mark just means the payment services. When collectors started buying these little pieces of paper with ribbed edges, the brand have even started to issue separate series. For example, in honor of certain holidays or events, famous or well-known people.