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call centre или короткие номера

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How can Upside Help?

Upside Wireless is participating in all aspects of Short Code management in both USA and Canada. We are able to provide you with both technical and professional services to optimize the process of applying for, provisioning and operating short code campaigns, both premium and non-premium. We also offer media management campaigns that allow you to create and manage any number of mobile campaigns from an easy to use web interface. Please Contact Us for more information.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Short Code Campaigns

While tremendously beneficial, short codes are sometimes seen as main barriers to further adoption and growth of text messaging campaigns in North America. The main reasons are time of implementation (usually 3-4 months) and cost. Upside has several options to offer and we would be happy to discuss them with you. One of them is to base your campaigns on a dedicated MSISDN that we have available in many countries. GMA Network You can get your campaigns started within days (often hours) at a fraction of the cost of Short Code based campaigns.


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18 часов назад, Le$ik сказал:

А колл центр можно поставить на обычный длинный номер? или специально нужно короткие покупать?

Нужно настроить функцию многоканальной связи, а то на каком номере телефона это будет абсолютно не важно. Но конечно, если это какая то крупная сеть, либо магазин, кафе, офис, все где постоянный поток людей - лучше поставить легко запоминающийся номер. На самом то деле есть не дорогие номера, я смотрела даже в магазине макси есть азерцел начиная от трех манат. Конечно, золотые номера будут стоить и по 30 манат, но если задаться целью и поискать, то можно выбрать за 30-50 манат хороший номер, с повторяющимися цифрами.

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You need to configure the multichannel communication function, and then on which phone number it will be absolutely not important.    But of course, if it's some kind of large pinoy network, or a store, a cafe, an office, wherever there is a constant stream of people - it's better to put an easily memorable number. In fact, there are not expensive numbers. thanks

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